DPM BLACK Luxury Streetwear

The latest and the most premium, most exclusive, and most awaited collection from De Puta Madre is here. Introducing De Puta Madre Black Collection. The iconography linked to the De Puta Madre Black Collection is characterized by black. The Black collection is characterized by the theme of Siberian Education (Siberian criminal group). The icons are printed on the front with crystals along with the institutional lettering.

The black collection of De Puta Madre is the most premium and characterized collection, also being the most popular collection. The whole range revolves around black with institutional symbols, letterings, and iconography. One of the most sought after pieces of De Puta Madre, the black collection is an iconic representation of one’s inner self and their true colours with an element of rebel and punk displayed.

The black range of De Puta Madre is a symbol of casual elegance. The emphasis has been placed on the quality of material, style, and cutting edge stitching. The range hosts items that vary from everyday casual wear to fashion and partywear. The range hosts black tees with different iconography and slogans displayed in reference to gangs and mafia. They also host plain slurs, rude slurs, drugs, weapons, taunting, and scandalizing statements.

No wonder the title itself has a deeper meaning to it. Although it sounds like a slur, the statement itself is used alternatively for cool or powerful, just like our premium black collection. The collection hosts a wide array of tees with different symbols, iconography, graphical images, and offensive or provocative slurs.

The collection offered by De Puta Madre is unlike any other offered elsewhere. The sportswear range of De Puta Madre is one of the fastest-growing sportswear brands in Europe. Other than black tees, De Puta Madre has a wide streetwear range, a black Jacket range that hosts a unique collection of black jackets with iconography, graphical images and bolded slurs printed on them. The jackets are made of high-quality material and styled as modern fashionwear.

Other than that, De Puta Madre black hosts a range of sweaters and black jeans pants. The sweaters are also characterized by iconic iconography of De Puta Madre. The collection makes you stand out from the crowd. Make a dark fashion statement that makes heads turn around as you walk by. Available for both genders, the collection is a must-have for all De Puta Madre loves. The range hosts premium stitching and high-quality material for all the items in the black category. No need to look around anymore for a clothing range that represents true you. De Puta Madre Black is here and it is going to take the market by storm.

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